YLANG YLANG, VETIVERT and CINNAMON is a blend made to energize your vital force. If you have lost your RED power and feel tapped for physical energy you need to rest, use a GREEN Blend, and when you have been balanced and feel relaxed start to mentally plan your work to get more RED energy again.
You cannot press a button to get energy; you must build it up by using food, rest, body work and a plan, a well thought out plan, now you are on your way.
This RED bottle of RED blend is a helper, a silent helper. You’re the boss, you choose when to use it, and also how much. In this way you also learn about your own body system. But make yourself a mantra words that can stimulate your brain to participate in your work, we us DO IT.
Every time you need to give help to your own system, think I DO IT, I do not give up, I continue. I will never give up. Stop when you feel RED, when you are RED, when you can give away RED energy to others.