ORANGE, LEMONGRASS and NEROLI is a good mix for all people who feel miserable when they wake up in the morning, especially when the Sun is not there, then use this as a refreshing and enthusiastic helper to meet the day.
ORANGE people have usably a happy kind of energy that they like to share with others, and everyone should be happy if they have ORANGE persons among their friend or working partners.
But remember we all have ORANGE energy in our body, start to use your ORANGE energy, use it with consideration about your willingness to change your mood from negative and passive, to positive and enthusiastic.
This is a choice you take, and every time you DO something, you are giving energy to your RED energy, so in this case by doing one thing from another part of you, the ORANGE part of you help your RED energy to get more energy. This is what we call a self-dependent organized independent delivery of own energy resources. We create energy our self.
Use this ORANG ENWERGY BLEND when you feel depressed, angry, sad or afraid, but do not forget that a bottle alone can never help, it need your body’s attention and your brains absolutely concentrated consciousness if it shall have any effect, frequencies do not compromise, they act.