GRAPEFRUIT and ROSEMARY is a helping hand if you lose your concentration. To think is a YELLOW intelligence form, so if you HAVE a YELLOW main energy, you will understand things easly because you like to think. But for people who have another intelligence form, the YELLOW energy can be far down on their Personality Test, and then the YELLOW energy does not have so much power over you.
But you can get it up, all you need is to use this bottle as a tool, and then use your mind to tell what you want to concentrate on, and then use your brain to consciously concentrate on what you are doing. It is not Magic it is a natural management of your own energies. Learn to use them and you will feel and know the difference.
Use the blend on the places on your body that you feel it will do good, it doesn’t matter were, because the body know where it works best, but if you are there with your thoughts and know by instinct were it shall go, it is more like a companionship, you are two on the job.