EUCALYPTUS, CEDARWOOD and PINE. Our nature, and the world that are around us are closely connected to our hearth, not only because the hearth is depending of the oxygen, but because the nature always connects us to our origins. This cord of emotions is connected to our family or children and the one we love as a life partner. This blend from the forest fits together; they make a perfect blend to set us back to a feeling of love.
Love to the nature is a natural for us and make us wish to take care of our forests, take care of our family, our neighbors and the whole mankind. Whiteout this connection to emotions and care we will not be humans. If we let this emotion be pressed down to ignorance, we will suffer and the body will suffer and the heart will suffer.
If you do not live close to forests then use this blend as a reminder, let you thoughts be stimulated by this blend and feel that you are there. Our fantasy and our brain can do miracles as long as you ask them to work with you; the main button into this world is the word I believe.