GERANIUM and PEPPERMINT. Our BLUE energy gives us a feeling of bigger perceptions of our planet Earth and the Universe. We need this in our time were the science have done so many good observation of what our Universe holds of good support to our planet. The planet Jupiter for instance gives us enormous help with gravitation, because without this help we could not live here.
Therefore the BLUE energy will help us to not become nationalists, but Universalistic, we need to think big in order to cover the whole specter of our responsibility as humans, to think better and take more responsibility as world citizens.
If you use the BLUE blend and want to open your Mind and then concentrate on your own consciousness for that task. You can get an idea of what you ought to do. Because when you take a choice, your brain has to follow you out were your Mind lives, and there in the spiritual world, everything is possible.
Besides the power to use the brain, the BLUE energy can also control your stress factor and calm your body.