To be mentally stimulated by one’s own mood is an intellectual form for stimulants. YELLOW energy is basically a balanced energy, because the brain and the YELLOW energy are very good to combine and cooperate with their own resources, they are both in a way control freaks.
And if the mood changes it is because they are on the negative side of themselves and then the mood changed from nice to what we call scheming. Then the YELLOW energy needs to help it selves to get in balance again, and VIOLET is a good friend then, VIOLET energy like the essence A-U-M can balance YELLOW.
But the YELLOW will also need more energy to fill up their need for YELLOW energy. Memory and logical reality thinking, and probably most their will power to keep in order what they started with. This is a type of energy needed in most work and relationship we handle every day. This is an intelligence we all need.
This essence is wise to use when you notice that things around you look like they is breaking up, or you begin to feel that you are judging everybody for something, then stop, you are on a wrong train, get off.
Put your smart pants on and change your energies.
The ingredients is Essential oils of grapefruit, Lemon, Spearmint, Pine and Champa.
But remember you have to use three energies, the colour of your will to change, the essence and your consciousness.
And remember: THINK IT!