This essence will bring us back to our nature, most of us seek this still pure an original part of our nature. Parks is not the same, a veranda with flowers is not the same, but the forest ground we stay on, the touch of earth can bring us back in time. Once upon a time we all have lived in the nature, and we cannot forget this.
Try this essence blend of; Essential oils of Eucalyptus, lemon, Spearmint, Pine and Chamomille.
We all need this time in the forest together with the colour GREEN, it is necessary for our physical and emotional heart that pumps oxygen into our blood center so we can breathe. Life is invisible, but the smell and our feelings are facts, if we follow our instincts we will naturally seek the forests.
Take some essence oils and touch your hearth area and let the love for the nature bring life into your own body.
Remember to LOVE IT!