This essence is made for those who need more confidence and also need better understanding of how they get in contact with the INDIGO energy. We all have it, but to try to tap into this energy, not knowing their other 6 colour energies, is like starting to swim in deep water for the first time, not knowing how deep it is.
We all need knowledge to lean on, only wishes and a curious mind is not enough, so start with your RED energy and take one step at the time with the 6 other colours, then you will one day arrive at this Soul entrance into a new world.
To try to find our Soul purpose before we know what kind of ground we stand on, is a wrong choice. Life is wonderful and colours too, but LIFE needs time to fill us with what we call experiences. And those who live their life step by step will arrive at the last step in their own evolution, but it is not always that we know when we are there, because LIFE in it selves we cannot predict the end of. We must accept our life as a gift, given to us every morning we wake up. And continue to appreciate it every day.
But if you like to try this essence, it is no problem, because you must have three parts with you, and if you have that you will know.
Ingrediencies: Essential oils of CHAMPA, LAVENDER, FRANKINCE, MYRRH and JASMINE.
And remember: I BELIEVE!