TURQUOISE is not a colour that belongs to the primary Rainbow colours, it is a blend of two GREEN and BLUE, but it seems that we get more and more colours coming to us, and that is now called secondary colours and can be used as that in many ways. The TURQUOISE colour is divided in two The TURQUOISE/ GREEN or the TURQUOISE/BLUE. They have also their own story, the TG colour is representing the health and the TB is representing the memory. Both is good for our life and we welcome them in our family of Colours.
WE have a word called metamorphose, that tells about how we can change ourselves from one kind of a person to another. In Colour Energy we learn that we contain energy from the sun which has different frequencies to get in contact with our body and the food we eat and drink. In this way we live, and since these 7 colours also have a colour each, we name them by colours. These colours also work with our brain and our thoughts and Mind, in a way we are the colures, so why don’t we get in contact with them for what they are?
We do that when we change from one colour to another which we do every day, and every day we learn more about ourselves. The Turquoise energy is helping in this way and the essence give us a possibility to learn more about the fantastic possibilities we have as humans.
Ingrediencies; Essential oils of ROSALINA, LEON, LIME, LEMONGRAS and CLARY SAGE .