VIOLET energy that this essence is made for is a dualistic energy, and it is a strong energy. People with this kind of energy have always a desire for something either on the spiritual side or on the creative side, or both if they know their energy. Anyway the spiritual driving force will hunt them, and to get in balance they need to use lower energy forms to get grounded.
Those who are on the spiritual side will automatically seek the GREEN energy, and the creative people will seek the BLUE. The cooperation of what we call the attracting force, between the VIOLET and GREEN gives harmony and love, and the contact between VIOLET and BLUE gives metal calmness and a vision for the creative forces to prosper.
When you use this essence have in mind that this is a more serious wish to act, you must first of all remember that the spiritual energies are not of this world, but they can be materialized, but again it needs power from you, and in order to have that power you must know where and who you are in the spiritual world.
The notion of the spiritual world is BE IT!
The ingrediencies: Essential oils of LAVENDER, CHAMPA, CAMPHOR, JASMIN and FRANKINCE
Remember: BE IT!