Love is the ultimate goal of the Human beings, no matter what direction the love goes... It is so many names for love, that most people mix love with the love for is cream with love to their children, with love for sex, with love to a person.
The old fashion way of love was a romance that leads to marriage and then children. But the word love has lost some power, when people also love potatoes and lipsticks. Words have a value, the higher the value, the better the word sounds, but used daily in all contexts like pleasure, likes and good feelings the power of the word disappears
If you really want to use the word LOVE, us it with the power you put into the word, use this essence and then you must use your ability to be in your own consciousness with that word, and your sincere thought for what you are doing.
The ingrediencies; Essential oils of BERGAMOT, PALMROSA and ROSE .