This is all we have of prove that the energy we receive every day from the Sun is our LIFE, 7 different frequencies of energy, that in total becomes the white light we look through every morning and day. Science know this, they have accepted it. But they have missed to teach us people about our enormous resources.
The rainbow does not only send colours to earth, they send everything we use of electromagnetic rays and stones so small that we do not see them, but they go into the earth and rinse the earth on their straight way through the planet. Atoms so small are called neutrinos and it rains down to us.
The Light we see, we both breathe in and look through, we are totally depended on it and we take it for granted.
You can use this essence in you air cleaner or diffuser, you can look at it an feel happy that you are alive and if you can think of what is behind all this.
One thing is for sure it is not the HUMAN RACE
Ingrediencies; Essential oils; ORANGE, LEMON, LIME, CHAMPA, VANILA, MYRRH, and JASMINE.