LAVENDER and JASMINE. This spiritual energy has it doors open to us, it is the doorway to heaven, that’s means to creativity and the creator it selves. To be alone in this world we all are, but we are not alone if we think in a wider context. We all seeking for something, and some people seek more than others, like those who have VIOLET as their main energy.
Something to think about for us is what would we have been if we did not have people with VIOLET energy? Learn about Colour Energies’ and you will understand.
Their creative mind has solved many things for us people, like people as scientist or designers of all format or philosophers. To be inspired by a spirit is nice; it is like finding gifts in the air.
We all need the influence of the VIOLET it gives a pleasure of being alive and the pleasure of making things, we all have a sort of hobby or activity which makes us happy. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it is just thinking and dreaming or if it is walking the mountains or knitting a sock or painting or singing, we all are doing something that makes us feeling good.
The smell of this blend is heavenly, so use when you have lost the appetite for living, or if you are bored, it is the best medicine for people who have forgotten to live. Think about it and consider using your own energy to get in contact with life again.