PATCHOULI, MYRRH and FRANKINCENSE. The INDIGO energy has a higher frequency and do not belongs to the body, it is a spiritual energy that gives your body information’s from the spiritual world. Everyone can come in contact with INDIGO energy, it is there for us, and it is a fantastic helper in certain situations, we call it intuition or insight.
But to know this energy by nature is a gift, but if we want we can all connect to it. But it is nothing you do for joy or just curiosity. It can be a trap for you, because in this world there are no limits everything is a sort of chaos until you manage to be who you are. Whiteout knowing your own capacity and your own resources you can be is lost in this world.
To enter the spiritual world needs good knowledge and a good understanding of your own resources. We have many people who have been lost in this world, either by using narcotic remedies, or have been to curious to get into this INDIGO world.
If you have Indigo as a main energy you will know this by nature and then you will also know how to use it, if you have INDIGO longer down on your Personality test, then you can learn about this energy and learn to respect it and also know that it will be there and in certain situation it can help you out of a situation, but leave it calm and trust its existence.