PALMAROSA and ROSE PINK is a colour that remind us about childhood, words like innocent, pure, maybe feminine, because it is a chosen colour for baby girls, and this thought is a lack of understanding what colours realy are. All colours can contain notions like feminine and masculine, because of the ability to do, to do is a typical masculine action, but then again both girl and boys has both masculine and feminine energy stored in their body, more or less.
So to dress baby girls in Pink and Boys in light Blue is not a wise decision, the same with choosing Pink flowers without knowing the real message behind the PINK colour.
PINK is universal LOVE, that means again the big hearth, the kind of energy that work more to help others than themselves, a very seldom energy in our days, when we are thought more to take care of yourself, rather than others.
Colour Energy philosophy is to learn about our 7 main energies in order to understand, that we are all a part of each other, if we learn those 7 energies and learn to use them, then we live in a real democracy. Then we understand that it is the diversity, the variety and abundance in each of the 7 colour energies that live inside of us, that is us.
And that we in our thoughts, in our way of understanding, of who we are, also understand that this is our human resource. When we understand the 7 colours we will also understand the PINK colour.