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Aromatherapy Travel Sprays

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Aromatherapy on-the-go! Choose your favourite spray to support your body, mind & soul. 

Aura Cleanser: Spray a few mists directly above your head in the morning, during the day and before you go to sleep. Use abundantly to keep your energy field sparkling clean.

Guardian Angel: Use before bedtime to assist in the release of blockages held in your subconsciousness. Note any profound mental, emotional and spiritual insights upon waking. Spray 2-3 mists several inches above your head and inhale the beautiful aroma as you affirm your intentions.

Medieval Thymes: Mist above head while breathing deeply to boost your body, mind & soul. Spray to purify and clear personal, work and healing spaces from energy contamination. Use on surfaces, outer clothing, face masks, inside of shoes, hands, chest and the bottoms of feet. 

Mother Nature's Aromatherapy: Spray 1-3 times daily, or as needed, above the head or 6-8 inches from the skin, lightly covered exposed skin and/or clothing. Add 4-6 drops in your favourite Colour Energy Diffuser, adding more or less as desired.

Rainbow Serpent: Spray a few mists above your head or directly onto your chakras before yoga and meditation. Use at the start of your day to ground and recharge your creative life force (serpent energy).

Yoga: Use this energetically charged divine spray to cleanse your yoga mat and create scared space. Also can be used as a room spray or to deodorize and disinfect surfaces, exercise mats, gym equipment, sports bags and footwear.

Unconditional Love: Spray 2-3 mists several inches above your head and inhale the beautiful aroma as you affirm your intentions. This loving essence helps to build one's self-confidence and nurtures a good relationship with oneself as well as with others. The beautiful pink vibration aids the release of guilt, aggression and anger through encouraging self-worth and self-love. Helps us to be at one with all creation.